The North Shore

We took a short trip to the north shore this weekend. We stayed at Gooseberry Falls State Park and camped there on Sunday night.

As you can see under the table, we decided to bring the dog. We soon discovered that this really limited our options on activities, primarily because he has separation anxiety. From any of us. Any time we walked away.

The kids went climbing around on the rocks at the lower falls

We also went into Duluth and even visited Sky Harbor Airport (KDYT) and Two Harbors Municipal Airport (KTWM). Check out the picture of Sky Harbor. They land sea planes next to it in the water and the ones with wheels land on the asphalt.  Too cool!

We’ve got a state park pass now and the plan is to take our brand new tent out a few more times this summer and get some stamps in our state park passport. See you later.

3 thoughts on “The North Shore”

  1. ou got out with the kids and the dog! whoops two comments, cause my fat fingers don’t work well. 😀
    Love you guys!

  2. Wow! You blogged! Awesome! Glad you guys had a good time. Dogs on trips are fun huh. Just remember he’s part of the family. Did you take the cat? More blogging please.

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