Dinner downtown

Two months without a post? Sheesh! I am not doing a very good job for the two people who read this.

Anyhoo… we spent a great couple of hours in Downtown Northfield tonight, including having dinner at Hogan Brothers, the best sandwich shop around.

And we went for a walk along the river down behind some of the downtown restaurants.

Make sure you check out the new pics on our flickr site.

Hopefully I’ll do a better job of putting more stuff up here. Enjoy!


Weekend away

We spent the weekend at Izaty’s Resort on the south shore of Mille Lacs Lake. Weather was pretty nice, in the 50’s during the day. Mary had a few chances to get out and about to stretch her legs.

Easter 2005

Hope everyone had a happy Easter. Here’s Mary getting dressed up for a day at Grandma’s house. Click on the picture for a larger version.


Google is neato!

Just added the site-specific ad service by Google. You’ll see ’em down at the bottom of the page.

I was curious to see what it would start feeding in there, since it is supposed to be based on the content of the page/site. More entertaining than anything else, but feel free to click through and share the love…



**UPDATE** – I got the time of the service wrong. It’s all better now…

Mary will be baptized at St. John’s Church, ELCA on April 17th at the 10:45 service. Invitations should be coming soon, so watch the mailbox.