Cabinette 2011

Thought I would put up some pictures from our June trip to the lake.

Mary and Russell swimming

Mary and Russell get all wet

Mary forces a smile in classic fashion

And as usual, Russell is always ready with a pose…

I’m going to post some more, hopefully this week. We got a zoo trip, our new truck, a trip I took with the Civil Air Patrol…

Air-conditioned fun



Since the heat index is supposed to get to 105 today we tried to get the kids to burn off some energy early at Pump it Up.

Mary loves the slide and Russell spent a lot of time in the boxing ring. Not sure if he won the bout or not…

Now to the fishing

The annual August fishing trip was a blast! Thanks in no small part to Grampa’s new boat and his very fancy gps trolling motor.
In front of the Garrison Walleye statue
Here we are on one of the many stops along the way in Garrison, MN. This is the statue of a walleye along the shore of Mille Lacs. The picture is accurate, so if you are thinking it doesn’t seem to be the same color as the last walleye you caught on Mille Lacs, you are right.
Grampa's bass
Grampa came up on Sunday and went fishing with us for a couple hours. He ended up with the biggest fish for the weekend (on my secret bait).

Can’t wait to get up there again!

The Princess

Mary got these princess jammies just before she turned 2 years old. She likes the Snow White story a lot!!

Mary walks around saying “I’m a princess.” We think she is a cutie patootie.

Reminder: More photos on our flickr site. Including Mary’s birthday party.


Mary’s favorite thing to do seems to be running. Usually with her arms flailing in the air.

This was taken at the Minnesota Zoo a couple of months ago. Most of the day was spent chasing her around and listening to her point and say “animals!” as best she could. We love the Zoo!

Dinner downtown

Two months without a post? Sheesh! I am not doing a very good job for the two people who read this.

Anyhoo… we spent a great couple of hours in Downtown Northfield tonight, including having dinner at Hogan Brothers, the best sandwich shop around.

And we went for a walk along the river down behind some of the downtown restaurants.

Make sure you check out the new pics on our flickr site.

Hopefully I’ll do a better job of putting more stuff up here. Enjoy!