Lake Melissa and a few detours

This weekend we took a trip to Detroit Lakes for the Hagen family reunion. Last year was the first year we could go and it was a much smaller crowd this time. The “cabin” is on Lake Melissa for those of you who don’t remember it from last year.

We did a lot of the same things:


Taking family pictures

And we had a great time. Caught a lot of fish off the dock including some nice sunnies and a few bass. We ate great food and played lots of games with the Borgman cousins. But that’s not all…

So, I ran into town to get a couple of forgotten items at the Wal Mart. Fortunately for me, the Detroit Lakes Airport is within spitting distance and they happened to be having a fly in while I was there! So I stopped to take a few pictures and get some local info to help out with some Civil Air Patrol projects.


This one is for sale if you’re interested in the classic V-Tail Bonanza referred to occasionally as the “Doctor Killer”

And when I mentioned that Civil Air Patrol project, it basically involves getting information from as many airports as possible on availability of internet connections and resources for crews. When we have a good survey done, we can make recommendations for stop off points for crews to not only take a break, but also upload data that they are collecting as part of the mission. So… I really need to visit as many airports as I possibly can. We stopped at four other airports on the way home so I could “collect information” and of course just check them out for the fun of it. Here’s a couple pics:

Perham’s courtesy car is the coolest one I’ve ever seen! They did a great job making this one blend into the hillbilly landscape.

This safety placard is posted in the men’s restroom at Little Falls airport. Good reminder for all of us to heed.

See ya!