It’s fall!

Thanks for the public prodding, Mrs. Smith…

We made our annual apple orchard trip to Pine Tree orchard and brought auntie Barb and uncle Dan with us.


We got a couple of pumpkins (and accidentally broke one!) along with cider, apples and an excellent strawberry rhubarb pie! The pie is already gone, so don’t ask…

I also learned that when you bring your son in because he has a bad cough it is not a good idea to take a photo of him like the following one and send it to his mother:

Even though you think it’s kind of cool that he’s now talking like Darth Vader, it is possible she may interpret this as something bad and then become upset with you when you don’t think it’s a big deal. It wasn’t. All better now.

Did I say anything about us buying a pool? Well, we had one for a couple years that worked okay, but it was getting to be a problem putting together and taking apart. So we got one from one of my friends that he wasn’t using anymore and it collapsed. So we bit the bullet and bought a larger one that the kids had a great time with this summer. I still need to work on the whole chemistry aspect of it (big pain in the butt…) to keep it clean, but overall it was fun. Decided we were done with it and drained it about a month and a half ago.

So, I still have some work to do. Had some high winds here a week ago and it blew over. Nothing’s broken, but I think I need to do a better job of keeping on top of this.

And we are only 20 degrees colder in the great white north than they are in the swamp.

It actually went up a degree when I was getting the camera.